Relationships. Experience. Results.


  • Services and experience provided for project management building food processing and distribution buildings.
  • expertise in schedule creation and ongoing construction management
  • awareness of specialized requirements for food processing buildings
  • cost budgeting specific for food processing projects based on our experience and historical data from numerous similar projects
  • update project cost budget at regular intervals through the construction phase.
  • established relationships with other experienced and speciality engineering disciplines and construction trades
  • Understanding and familiarity with unique engineering requirements relating to food processing facilities.
  • Knowledge of CFIA/ requirements for new construction.
  • familiarity with Building Code restrictions and requirements for industrial buildings.
  • manufacturing and construction background experience.
  • experience in site layout, materials handling, feasibility and cost/benefit analyses.
  • expertise in project fast-track scheduling
  • ongoing post-construction and follow up management

The works

Cold storage, processing and office space on a fully landscaped yard.